MCPS is dedicated to furthering the knowledge and awareness of Coal Preparation and the value of Coal Preparation for producers and consumers of coal. Coal Preparation includes coal exploration activities, coal mining, coal handling, coal cleaning, thermal drying, sorting and blending, quality control, and any other method of improving the quality of coal prior to utilization. Coal Preparation also includes elements of business and project planning; cost estimating; economic and financial analysis; research and development.


During our November 2017 meeting the society held a vote to move our meeting dates to the 2nd Thursday of the months we are in session.


September Meeting, will be on the 13th

October Meeting, will be on the 11th

November Meeting, will be on the 8th

No Meeting in December


January Meeting, will be on the 10th

February Meeting, will be on the 21st

March Meeting, will be on the 14th

Midwest Coal Show will be held on April 11th


Please see Meeting Information page for Presentation Topics.